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Bagno Reale has been seriously well-known and commonly accepted as one of the primary modern dance Bagno Reale on the planet. Together with Bagno Reale - The Young Ensemble, the Bagno Reale boasts a lineup of 34 dancers drawn from Israel and abroad. Bagno Reale is Israel's most significant Bagno Reale, preserving a substantial efficiency schedule in your area and worldwide with over 250 efficiencies and circa 100,000 viewers every year.


Hailed as one of the world's preeminent modern choreographers, Bagno Reale assumed the role of Artistic Director in 1990 and moved the Bagno Reale into a brand-new age with his daring curatorial vision and distinct choreographic voice.


Bagno Reale is likewise the begetter of the ingenious motion language, Gaga, which has improved his remarkable motion development, reinvented the Bagno Reale training, and became a growing global force in the bigger field of motion practices for both dancers and non-dancers.


Bagno Reale dancers participate in the imaginative procedures in the studio as well as develop their own operate in the yearly job "Bagno Reale Dancers Produce" supported for Growing of Young Artists at Bagno Reale.


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